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Crime Detection and Graphology

Crime Detection Using Graphology

Criminal profiling using graphology can play a very important part in identifying a criminal suspect. Virtually every, or any, crime shows mental, emotional or personality traits which can be analyzed for profiling purposes.

A competent profile is always grounded firmly on physical evidence. In the event of there being handwriting present, the analysis of this handwriting can support, confirm and possibly add to the criminal profile.

Graphology a tool for Forensic Sciences

Questioned document examination (QDE)

Graphology is used as a forensic science tool. A forensic handwriting analyst will use measuring devices, regardless of the script (whether cursive or print), to compare handwriting in terms of size, width, height and angles. The documents are enlarged using stereo microscopes and magnification equipment giving a depth of field that is helpful in studying indentations of writing.

Forensic document examination services include:-

Graphology and Genealogy

Graphology and Genealogy

Graphology a tool for Genealogy

Genealogy is growing in popularity. Many people feel the need to know more about their ancestry. Graphology can add tremendously to the information gathered from searching through historical records. Whilst genealogy can tell us the names of our ancestors and further research can tell us how they lived their lives, analysis of their writing can give us a true insight into their personalities and help us to understand them on an emotional level.

Robert Saudek

Robert Saudek

Czech-born graphologist and writer of novels, stories, poems and plays (1880-1935) Robert Saudek had considerable influence on the content and standing of graphology worldwide. He also published numerous articles in many languages in periodicals as diverse as The Listener, Zeitschrift für Menschenkenntnis and the Journal of Social Psychology. He also founded the professional graphology society in the Netherlands. He also started two academic periodicals: one in Dutch and the other in English.

Handwriting Analysis Basics

Handwriting Analysis Using Graphology

This is a series of videos on YouTube introducing graphology and handwriting analysis.

Disclaimer: These video's have an introduction value only. They do not replace authoritative and rigorous training from a graphology teacher.


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